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Looking Beyond the Horizon: 10 Years of Co-operation Between Komori and Reprograf on the Polish Market

Implementations of innovative – in global scale – Komori presses in large Polish printing houses, dozens of Komori presses in smaller sites across the country, high confidence for Komori trade mark and Reprograf – its sole distributor in Poland – these are just some highlights of the first 10 years of co-operation between two companies.

To win with the printers’ dreams

10-lat-2.JPG“When looking for a partner back in 2004, Komori’s expectations were extremely high. One of them was creating a professional service team before starting sales of presses – says Tadeusz Figurski, Vice President of Reprograf. – The same high expectations concerned big knowledge and credibility of a potential distributor. The Japanese business culture – completely different than the European one – was a real challenge but we successfully made it. When recapping 10 years of our co-operation, we can talk about huge successes, first of all in terms of our customers’ ones”.
Built from the ground, a confidence for Komori trade mark in Poland becomes bigger every year. Many printing houses decide to invest in the company’s second hand equipment, confirming Komori’s positive feedback in Poland and high trust for Reprograf, responsible for delivery and service of presses. “When we started sales activities, it wasn’t too hard to compete with other vendors in terms of competence and essential knowledge – continues Tadeusz Figurski – as the presses we offer represent top quality. However, it was hard to win with many printers’ dreams about presses from the vendors they had known. That’s why we are extremely proud of the fact that we have been very successful in this area and that our 10-year co-operation has brought such visible effects”.

A triple success: customers, Komori and Reprograf

When saying “visible effects”, Tadeusz Figurski means Reprograf customers’ successes in the first place. He underlines that it concerns either big companies, frequently investing in pioneer – in a world scale – solutions, or smaller printers, including family-owned companies purchasing mid-size and small-size presses. In their case a choice of appropriate solution and trust for a vendor frequently means “to be or not to be” on the market.

During previous ten years Reprograf installed numerous presses being the first worldwide implementations of a kind. Taurus printing house purchased the first ever 10-colour Lithrone L-1026-P press in A2 size with perfector. Druk Intro became the world’s first user of the Komori press equipped with “roll to sheet” cutting device. Soon the same company invested in the Lithrone LS-140 SP two-level press in 1+1 configuration devoted for book printing. It was the first installation of this kind in Europe and the third one worldwide. Interak printing house bought the world-first Lithrone LSX-629+F+C+E+D press, equipped with additional foiling, embossing and die-cutting inline modules. Chroma company became the first Polish user of innovative 8-colour Komori H-UV presses. Recently it has bought the third Lithrone GL-840P press equipped with H-UV curing system. “The first B1 Komori press in Poland – Lithrone LS-540H – is also worth mentioning. It was delivered to Dom Slowa Polskiego printing house in the beginning of our co-operation with Komori – says Tadeusz Figurski. – It was a very well-established printing house with a long tradition so we were very proud of this implementation. There are many more examples of interesting, personalized configurations we had implemented. Some of them were very unique and after the pioneer delivery to Poland they became a standard in Komori’s production programme. So it’s worth to underline a courage of Polish printers who invested in these new solutions. On the other hand, Reprograf – as an official distributor of Komori – has  always been helpful and supportive, being flexible and suited for customer’s needs. We’re happy that solutions we offer help in their stable development – deliveries of another Komori presses to the same customers are the best example of my thesis”.

Looking beyond the horizon

Market success of Komori in Poland is based on two factors. Innovation of Komori solutions is the first one. The other one is trust and personal relationship between Reprograf’s employees and the company’s customers. “For many years Komori has been offering solutions exceeding current market needs – Tadeusz Figurski says. – According to the Japanese business philosophy, the company is always looking “beyond the horizon” and into the future. One of the best examples of this policy was exposed at drupa trade fair in 1990. During the exhibition Komori introduced the world’s first automatic plate change system, perceived as a redundant luxury solution at that time. In 2000 it showed the first bank note inspection system installed directly on a security printing press. Moreover, Komori was authorised by the World Bank as a manufacturer of this kind of presses. Today this kind of solutions are a market standard. E.g. in Poland we have installed four presses equipped with integrated PQA-S inspection and quality control system. Another interesting solution – introduced in 2004 – was KMS – a time management system, enabling registering of all processes occurring in printing press (also commonly used by many vendors these days). In 2006 Komori implemented a self-learning system, which registers the press parameters and reduces make-ready time. Innovative H-UV curing systems is also worth mentioning. We are very proud to be a partner of a future-looking producer, bringing the innovative solutions to our customers”.

Reprograf’s customers highly appreciate big opportunities offered by the Komori presses they use. Besides high quality and efficiency as well as relatively small dimensions, they look very carefully at service level. Reprograf has its own, highly trained and Komori-dedicated service team. A spare parts stock in the UK is another feedback for higher trust and confidence for Komori. “We always see a printing press as a tool used in a business process realized by the company – says Tadeusz Figurski. – It marks us out among other vendors, I guess. In this model the press can only be successfully implemented when it’s integrated within appropriate technology frames. In this area we are very helpful for our customers, getting big support from Komori, should any problems occur. This attitude is a basis of our common success that has been built over the previous ten years”.

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